A WordPress theme built by a pastor for pastors.

A great church website just got a whole lot easier.

Why is a great church website so hard? It shouldn't be. With a comprehensive set of features and step-by-step video tutorials, every church—regardless of size or resources—can now have a great website.

You've never had this much control.

With the power of WordPress and the Church Theme's custom content fields, you have complete control. Change images, embed video, rewrite headlines—you get the idea.

Sermon Series

The built-in sermon system allows you to organize sermon series, embed audio and video, tag speakers and scripture references, and share it all on social media.

With built-in mobile compatibility, users can listen on any device.

Small Groups

The theme allows your congregation to easily browse and discover small groups. Maps allow you to see general location information while protecting privacy and group status allows you to highlight groups that are looking for new members.

If you already have a small group system, it can be easily integrated into the site.


The events module is a great way to feature major events in the church. Don't worry about trying to manage multiple calendars. You can link to your main church calendar and use our events features to promote important events, gather registrations, and share the word on social media.


Stories allow you to share testimonials from your congregation. Stories are a powerful way of describing what God is doing in your church. You can easily share those stories on social media platforms.

Team Members

Let's face it—a big reason people come to the site is to find contact information for church staff. The team features allow you to share even more: bios, social accounts, contact info, anything that makes connecting to your team a little easer.

Local SEO

SEO is complicated. Trying to get your church listed consistently online is a struggle. I have considered SEO best practices throughout the entire process of designing and building the Church Theme.

A great example of that focus is the attention to google maps and location-based content. The theme provides a solid base for local search engine optimization.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials: Watch An Example

If you have ever purchased a WordPress theme, you probably know how frustrating setup can be. Your site never seems to look like the demo they sold you. I guarantee that won’t happen. Our video training walks you through building your site with over 50 step-by-step video tutorials.

Latest Technology

Technology changes fast. There are always new devices that need to be considered. Your purchase comes with access to all future features and updates.

The Church Theme provides you with the latest in mobile compatibility, WordPress development best practices, and digital content strategy.